Company Overview is the world’s most trusted load board and freight marketplace for drivers to find loads at the best rates, brokers to increase capacity, and shippers to manage freight. With, brokers can post loads, carriers can search for available loads in real time, and shippers can match their freight with the right person. For over 20 years, has helped carriers, brokers, and shippers successfully run their businesses and find a better way to move freight.

Why We Brand

As a branded house, has one corporate identity, one company logo, and one cohesive brand platform. Our brand platform captures the essence of who we are, defines why we exist, and paints a clear picture of what we uniquely offer to the transportation industry. Our unified brand speaks in an authentic tone of voice and integrates a visual identity that consistently supports and aligns with “The Truckstop Way.”

Our Brand Platform

The Truckstop Way

Our vision is the destination, our mission is the road ahead, and our values are the compass that keep us on track.

Our Vision

To be the trusted partner that creates a "Better Way" for everyone in our freight community to grow and prosper.

Our Mission

Empower the freight community with trusted and innovative solutions.

Our Values

Act with integrity
Serve others
Be accountable
Drive innovation
Put quality first
Play to win

Visual Identity

Logo Grid

The logo mark is comprised of multiple concentric circles with an angled offshoot at the bottom to resemble a waypoint marker. In the center of the circles is an implied truck made of simple shapes.

Clear Space

A minimum area of space must always surround the mark/logotype lockups. This area of isolation allows the identity to stand out by ensuring that other visual elements are kept clear from the mark.

This clear space is based on the x-height of the logotype.

DO NOT change the color of the logo.

DO NOT use the wordmark without the graphic mark.

DO NOT change the aspect ratio between mark and wordmark.

DO NOT distort, stretch, scale the height or width of the logo disproportionately.

DO NOT customize the logo by adding individual departments, offices or product names.

DO NOT apply image effects to the logo. Do not reproduce with a drop shadow or bevel.

DO NOT turn, rotate, or tilt the logo.

DO NOT substitute another font for use in the wordmark.

Primary Colors
PMS: 7622 C
CMYK: 00-97-89-45
RGB: 147-39-44
HEX: 93272C
PMS: 186 C
CMYK: 02-100-85-06
RGB: 200-16-46
HEX: C8102E
PMS: 2380 C
CMYK: 91-71-36-56
RGB: 40-51-74
HEX: 28334A
PMS: 447 C
CMYK: 50-30-40-90
RGB: 55-58-54
HEX: 373A36
Open Sans Light
Open Sans Regular
Open Sans Semibold
Open Sans Bold

Open Sans is elegant and sophisticated, but feels like a modern font. In the details of the type you will find humanistic elements that make this type face both secure and welcoming.

This font was developed with a “neutral, yet friendly appearance" and is "optimized for legibility across print, web, and mobile interfaces."

Open Sans can be downloaded for free at:

To better resonate with our personas, we selected a bolder headline typeface to accompany Open Sans. Strong, but not overbearing, Liberator unapologetically demands to be taken seriously, just like our audience. Only the heavy font variation should be used. Liberator is only available in uppercase and should not be used as body text.

Liberator HEAVY




A distinctive photography style with a strong focus on people is required to clearly communicate our brand message.

Primary images should be full color with emphasis on the subject matter in order to match personas.

Primary images can feature people, trucks, and technology. Images with extra white space are a plus for adding text overlays and CTAs. Photography Brand 1 Brand 2 Brand 3 Brand 4 Brand 5

Secondary images should be full color with emphasis on iconic scenery and views that are seen through a windshield.

These images can feature landscapes, cities, and other places our audiences see. Brand 6 Usage Usage 4 Usage 2 Usage Landing Page Grid

Zip file includes different variations of logos.

Access the extended version of our brand guidelines.